What is Dandelion Honey?

While traditional honey is made by bees, dandelion honey is completely different. This is
a type of sweet syrup that is made from the dandelion flowers in your garden and sugar
through a very simple process you can do right in your kitchen. Here are some things to
know about dandelion honey.

The Basics of What Dandelion Honey is

You may want to have a little more information about dandelion honey and what it is
exactly. While bees are often responsible for making honey from nectar in other flowers,
it rarely occurs with dandelions. These are actually considered a weed, so humans and
bees both tend to avoid them. However, what you can do is actually go through a
process where you make the honey yourself, which is going to provide you with a lot of
different health benefits. Making dandelion honey is essentially another great way to
make use of this wonderful medicinal weed and herb.

When you buy or make dandelion honey, it might range in shades of color. This is
indicative of how long the honey can been made for. It is typically a bright yellow when it
has a high amount of purity, then gradually gets darker as it begins to crystallize. If you
buy dandelion honey from a health or holistic herb store that is dark, it is probably not
the freshest option.

How You Can Make Your Own

You can definitely make your own dandelion honey if you are interested in going that
route. It is best to use dandelion flowers you have picked during the day while they are
in full bloom. Grab a bowl of water and soak the flowers in cold water for several
minutes. This is going to allow any pests in the flowers to exit into the water.

Remove the flowers from the water, then pull off the petals, throwing away the stem and
center of the flowers. You now want to boil the petals along with some water and lemon
slices, simmering for about 25-30 minutes. Let it steep for several hours, then strain
through a cheesecloth. You should now have dandelion tea! You can add sugar to it to
get your dandelion honey.

The Health Benefits of Dandelion Honey

There are quite a few health benefits of dandelion honey, from helping with your skin
care to improving your bone health. The honey can also help with liver disorders thanks
to its antioxidants, improve the side effects from diabetes, and improve your urinary


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