Unicorn drink….. much better for you

Amanda made her own version of the Unicorn drink….. much better for you

This momma made her own Unicorn drinks… These are HEALTHY && the kids are loving them!!!

For the PINK:
Strawberries (fresh/ frozen)
Raspberries (I used fresh)
Banana (fresh/ frozen)
Strawberry Yogurt
Low-Fat Milk (can use vanilla almond milk)
Add a bit of Splenda for sweetening!

For the BLUE:
Blueberries (fresh/ frozen)
Spinach (I used fresh)
Blueberry yogurt
Non-Fat Milk
Add a tad bit of Splenda for sweeting!!

She topped with sugar-free whipped cream and a little bit of sprinkles but feel free to omit to make healthier! Put it in a pretty glass with fresh cut fruit and ENJOY!

btw… if you have never frozen bananas, TRY IT! So refreshing during a hot summer day for the kids. I usually cut in 1/2 and wrap in foil to freeze. It’s also a great late night snack to curb a sweet tooth!

Cannot WAIT to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for more awesome treats and follow me for awesome posts daily !!


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