The Many Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

The Many Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plants tend to bring burns and sunburn to mind. In fact, you may likely think
about aloe vera gel in a bottle kept in a beach bag. If you do not think of the beach or
sunburns, you may think of aloe vera in lotions and in severe dry skin remedies. Though
aloe vera can be used for all of these issues, there are four other issues that aloe vera
can assist with.

Oral Hygiene Care

If you have canker sores or cold sores that come up from dentures or illness then you
know how painful they can be. You can use over the counter chemicals to help combat
or reduce the sores, but this may not always work and it may lead you to having to use
more of the chemical than you would like. This is especially true if you are having to use
more of the canker sore medicine as you develop a resistance to the gel or medicine.
Aloe vera gel can help with these sores in a natural and equally as effective way. You
can simply put the gel on your sores directly from the plant or you can choose to use a
food grade aloe vera gel or juice.

Wrinkle Reducer

You may not think of aloe vera as a wrinkle reducing agent, but it can help with fine
lines and wrinkles. You do need to use the aloe vera on a routine basis. You can use it
as a gel directly on your face following your normal face wash and toner routine. You
can also use it as part of a homemade face mask, peel off mask, or as stand alone
toner. The aloe can be applied directly from the plant to your skin. You will notice that
the gel from the plant is tightening your skin. You can notice immediate effects, but the
long-term effects from routine use are also significant.

Constipation Relief

Aloe vera juice can be purchased from local health and wellness stores. You can also
find it at most pharmacies. The reason this is important is because the juice made from
aloe vera plant can be mixed with water or other juice and ingested to help with
constipation relief. This is a natural way to reduce constipation pain and help clear the
system within a few hours.

Weight Loss

One way that many people are using aloe vera is to help with weight loss. Aloe vera
juice can help with weight loss by boosting the metabolism, clearing your digestive tract,
and flushing your system of toxins. The juice should be taken orally on a routine basis
for several days. You should also take a small break from the juice rather than using it
as a daily ongoing method. It does have the same effects as laxative so keep that in

Ideally, if you want to get all of the benefits from aloe vera, you should keep a plant and
juice on hand to use at any time you need it. You can grow the plant indoors and if you
buy the juice you can keep it on hand for several weeks.


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