Stop Comparing Other People’s Outsides to Your Inside

Jennifer C Peterson is author of the wonderful self-help book titled “STOP IT! Don’t Compare Your Insides with Other People’s Outsides”. The book is available as a paperback or Kindle e-book on Amazon. The short book is less than 100 pages in length, but very powerful. The idea is that the feelings you have inside are often times based on what you see on the outside of other people.

You compare yourself to the clothes, skin, hair, body, wealth and possessions of another person. It seems to be the great human pastime to “beat yourself up” because you don’t measure up to someone else … at least in your eyes. The opposite also happens. You have probably caught yourself judging someone else negatively, inflating your ego by bringing someone else down. When you judge yourself as inferior or superior to others, no one wins. As Peterson puts it…

“None of that will ever make you happy. It’s time to STOP IT and find out what an incredible person you are.”

The author knows a lot about playing the comparison game. She describes about how she went “from living a destructive life with feelings of worthlessness” to realizing she was incredible in many ways. Once she enjoyed the realization that she could be anything she wanted to be, she stopped comparing herself to others, and is now, in her own words, “living the life of my dreams!”

Think about someone right now that you feel inferior to. What is that person like? What do they look like? What are their possessions? Think about why you feel like they are better than you in some particular way. Does it make any sense to compare the two of you against each other? What if you had the hair, the body, the money or the whatever it is that you are envious about?

Would that truly make you happy? Probably not.

When you compare yourself to someone else and then eventually outperform that individual in some way, you can’t be truly satisfied. People that spend their lives trying to measure up to others will consistently find some area of their lives to feel inferior about. A person who is envies someone’s wealth and becomes wealthy themselves, usually just finds something else to envy.

You can use what’s on your inside, your feelings and emotions, to empower you, or to make you feel inferior to others. The choice is yours. Stop comparing your insides, how you feel, with other people’s outsides, their possessions, physical traits and abilities. Comparing yourself to others is fruitless, because there is truly no one on the planet just like you. You are unique, talented, worthwhile and amazing in so many ways. Celebrate you, and stop disrespecting the incredible person you are by comparing yourself to others, either positively or negatively.


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