Make These Natural Bug Repellents


When you spend more time outdoors in the summer, one of the main drawbacks is the
insects. They can crawl on you, bite, and sting, so you might want to avoid them with
actually harming them. This is where the following natural bug repellent remedies come

Ultimate DIY Bug Spray

The first type of natural bug repellent you can make is one that is something you put
together on your own. The reason this is the ultimate DIY spray is because you get to
choose the recipe you want. It is going to use essential oils for repelling different types
of bugs during the summer, particularly when enjoying outdoor activities, but you can
pick and choose which ones. Here is a list of essential oils that will work great:


There are also others to use. Some oils work better for certain types of bugs, while
others are there to help it smell a little better. All you need to do is add about the same
amount of drops for each oil you use, combine it with some water and a little rubbing
alcohol, and add it all to a spray bottle.

Citronella Oil Bug Repellent

Next on the list is probably not a big surprise, which is making a bug spray using
citronella. Many people use citronella candles on their patio or deck because flying bugs
like mosquitoes and flies don’t like the smell. You can use citronella essential oil to
make your own bug spray and repellent. Add about 30 drops of this essential oil to a
spray bottle with water, and you’re good to go. You can also make your own citronella
candles if you prefer to go that route.

Dried Herbs Bug Repellent

Lastly, consider using dried herbs when making your bug spray repellent. You can also
use fresh herbs if you are growing them in your garden. You are going to combine
certain herbs that the insects don’t like, plus some vinegar or witch hazel added to the
spray. Herbs like lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, and other types of mint will work
great. You want to boil water with the herbs, then strain it into a water bottle with
distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Use this spray around your house, patio, or
anywhere that you find bugs are hiding.

These natural repellent sprays won’t harm the insects, but they will keep them away
from you and your home or campsite.


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