How to Eat Whole Foods on a Budget


How to Eat Whole Foods on a Budget

Many times, people who struggle to succeed on a healthy eating plan point to cost as a major disadvantage. Thankfully with a little bit of research this doesn’t have to be a factor when trying to eat healthy. Think about it, if your only choices were poisoned food that was free or healthy food that cost money, wouldn’t you choose the healthy option, regardless of price?

Truth be told, it is hard sometimes to compete with fast food dollar menus and inexpensively priced processed foods. However, it is possible to eat food that is better for you, while actually spending less money than you do when harming your body with refined and processed food options. Here are a few tips for eating whole foods on a budget while still getting to enjoy this naturally healthy lifestyle.

Buy Whatever is On Sale

It is a smart idea to let sale-priced, plant-based foods do your shopping for you. If one week kale, sweet potatoes and quinoa happen to be on sale, work those into your weekly meal preparation plans.

Buy Local

A lot of the cost associated with getting natural, wholesome, plant-based foods to your grocer involves shipping. When you buy locally grown foods you often times don’t need to set foot in the grocery store. Start shopping at farmers markets and other locally grown produce centers and you can find yourself saving money while eating healthier food.

Buy Produce In-Season

Purchasing food that is out of season can be expensive. That food has to be grown somewhere in the world where it is in season, and then shipped to you. When you buy food that is in-season you get more nutritious and beneficial food, as well as food that is less expensive. This also shortens the amount of time that transpires from harvest to dinner plate, which means more flavorful produce.

Grow Whatever You Can

Regardless whether you live in a tiny, cramped apartment or on an acre of land, you can grow your own whole foods. You minimize the negative impact that factory farming has on the planet, you get to consume the freshest foods possible, and you know everything that goes into the food you eat when you produce it yourself. As you can imagine, all of this is going to cut down on cost considerably.

Buy In Bulk from a Discount Store

Stores like BJ’s, Costco and Sam’s offer bulk-sized purchasing possibilities. Barley, oatmeal, brown rice and other staples can be purchased in large quantities that reduce your per serving cost substantially.

Stop Eating Out

A great way to cut down on costs is to stop eating out. With a bit of preparation, you can have a restaurant quality meal for less than the cost of eating out. You can even make a whole foods version of your favorite restaurant meal, allowing you to feel like you are eating out even though you aren’t eating out.

There is nothing that you can do for yourself that is more important than your health. While whole foods might seem more expensive than processed foods there are ways around it. You deserve to be to be the best, most healthy version of yourself.

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