Hot Cocoa Reindeer

Hot Cocoa Reindeer

With Christmas right around the corner there are all sorts of cute craft ideas that are sure to make someone smile.
This is an awesome DIY craft for kids!! and they are a fun way to celebrate the season. This is pretty much the cutest gift for everyone!!
For the hot Cocoa Reindeers’ project you will need:
Hot cocoa (powdered)
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate chips
Piping bags
Red Pom Poms
Brown Pipe Cleaners
Googoo eyes
Fill your Piping bags with the hot cocoa mix (2 cups worth per bag)
Top with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows
Wrap your pipe cleaner around the top to make them look like antlers
Using glue, glue the googoo eyes, and red pom poms to your bags, draw a smile, and
Voila~ You are done!!!
I hope you and your children enjoy making these this


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