Don’t forget your GREENS

1) Shred and stir fry in coconut oil a dash of chicken broth finish with a little Parmesan and serve as a side

2) Shred with green onion, stir fry and add to eggs

3) Use as a wrap instead of bread

4) Add to a smoothie
5) Juice with carrot, beet and parsley

6) Add to any soup at the end

7) Fry bacon, drain some of the fat and then add collards, continue cooking

8) Add to pasta. Cook pasta, drain, in a pan add a bit of oil, fresh garlic for 1 minute, add collards, cook for 4-5 minutes, add pasta, cheese and red crushed pepper

9) Add them to your lettuce to enhance your salad. Use 1/3 collards to 2/3rds lettuce with your favorite dressing

10) Make a collard green slaw with red cabbage, red onion, mayo with a tablespoon of red wine vinegar, sweetener and S & P

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