DIY Cleaning Wipes


Paper towels
½ tsp liquid dish soap
3 Tbsp vinegar
2 cups warm water
* optional~essential oil scent you desire….to cut out vinegar smell.

~cut paper towel roll in 1/2
~combine ingredients in container. make sure you put the dish soap in last then it wont suds up.
~place 1/2 roll paper towel in container and put the lid on. I had an old store bought one I’ve been using.
~turn upside down for a few minutes to make sure the paper towel gets soaked. I had a little leakage with this container the first time, so now I put plastic wrap on it before the lid goes on.
~once paper towel is thoroughly saturated you’ll be able to pull out the cardboard middle and pull the wipes!
I always make 2, since the paper towel is already cut…. one for each bathroom. you just have to double the ingredients
AND….. this is also my streak free glass cleaner recipe…. so it is safe for glass. The wipes are a quite wet, I just squeeze out the excess solution first and have some dry paper towel around to wipe off!!!

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