Clean eating. Making the shift

Shifting to whole, unprocessed foods can be overwhelming. They key is to start slowly incorporate this in your lifestyle.

Make it a habit to shop at local farmers’ or weekend markets. You will get the freshest produce for the season.

When shopping for wholefoods, fill your basket with colorful fruits & veggies. These are packed with nutrients that will keep you healthy.

A grocery list & meal plan is key to maintaining a diet of #wholefoods. Plan weekly so you can do your shopping in one go.

No time to read food labels? Shop for unprocessed foods. There are no labels to read & you will know that it’s fresh.

One of the ways to break your addiction to sugar is to eat fruits instead of sugary snacks. They are far more nutritious, too!

Eating whole, unprocessed foods aids in weight loss because they make you feel full quickly & prevents over-consumption.

Start your whole foods diet by substituting one food item for another. For example, use honey to sweeten your tea instead of white sugar.

Teaching your children how to prepare & cook will encourage them to eat wholefoods. Make it part of your weekend activities.




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