Clean eating. Making the shift

Shifting to whole, unprocessed foods can be overwhelming. They key is to start slowly incorporate this in your lifestyle.

Make it a habit to shop at local farmers’ or weekend markets. You will get the freshest produce for the season.

When shopping for wholefoods, fill your basket with colorful fruits & veggies. These are packed with nutrients that will keep you healthy.

A grocery list & meal plan is key to maintaining a diet of #wholefoods. Plan weekly so you can do your shopping in one go.

No time to read food labels? Shop for unprocessed foods. There are no labels to read & you will know that it’s fresh.

One of the ways to break your addiction to sugar is to eat fruits instead of sugary snacks. They are far more nutritious, too!

Eating whole, unprocessed foods aids in weight loss because they make you feel full quickly & prevents over-consumption.

Start your whole foods diet by substituting one food item for another. For example, use honey to sweeten your tea instead of white sugar.

Teaching your children how to prepare & cook will encourage them to eat wholefoods. Make it part of your weekend activities.




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5 Small Changes to Start a Clean Eating Diet Today

5 Small Changes to Start a Clean Eating Diet Today



Are you interested in clean eating? Not sure where to start or perhaps it looks too overwhelming.  There are several ways to get going to change your life in a positive with this diet.

Here are 5 that will start you on your journey:

1.Take One Sugary Drink Away a Day

You don’t have to jump all in, start with small changes first. Pick one area that you want to improve on and figure out how to do it.

For example, you could replace one juice, soda or energy drinks with water for a certain amount of time. Then once you’ve got the hang of that eliminate those sugary drinks completely.

You don’t have to get rid of all your groceries and replace everything all at once. That would be expensive and overwhelming to do. Instead pick an area and improve on it daily until you’ve mastered it.

2. Switch from Canned Food to Either Frozen or Fresh

Frozen vegetables and fruit have less preservative than canned. Stop buying in the canned food aisle and replace those with either fresh food or frozen.

The taste is better and you won’t lose the nutrients from either of those options.

3. Cook Your Own Beans

Beans are a great source of plant protein. They fill you up and can be added to a variety of recipes. You’ll want to start incorporating beans into your diet.

Unfortunately beans can be time consuming to cook. One of the best was to cook them fast is with a pressure cooker. You don’t even need to pre-soak them.

Throw them in, turn the cooker on and wait for the beep. Depending on the type of beans it usually takes about 45 minutes.

4. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

You’ll want to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are many that are easy to carry such as bananas, apples, oranges, carrots and celery.

But others will need a little bit of prep work ahead of time. What you’ll do is cut or prepare the fruits and vegetables. Then get a snack bag and put a serving in each one. Place them in the fridge in an easy and convenient place. That way when you are heading out the door you can grab them and go.

5. Make Salad in a Jar

You might be thinking, but they’ll get all gross and soggy before the end of the week. Surprisingly this is not true. Salads stay fresher, longer when they are put inside of a wide mouthed Mason jar. The trick is to layer them correctly.

The wet ingredients get put on the bottom and then the lettuce or spinach is on the top. These will help you stay on track for sure.

Every new journey starts with a single step. Start with these small steps to eat clean. Don’t expect to jump in and change everything all at once. Do it slow and steady and before long you’ll be an expert.

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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wellness Today


5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wellness Today

You can do some simple things to ensure that you feel as fit and healthy as possible, starting today.

1. Get Some Sleep

It is no secret that sleep is important. You may have noticed that sleeping helps you to avoid that tired feeling all day, and helps you to concentrate more. Sleep is also a chance for your body to rejuvenate, and plenty of things still go on in your body’s various systems while you sleep.

If you don’t get enough sleep, it’s not only highly likely that you’ll be tired the next day, but your health can suffer too.

Being tired makes us emotional, stressed, limits our concentration, and can even make us more susceptible to illnesses. Try to get around 7-8 hours per night for the best benefits that sleep has to offer.

2. Breathe

It may seem like an unusual suggestion, but do you ever take the chance to just sit and breathe? There are a lot of breathing exercises and even with just one session of concentrating on your breathing will leave you feeling more relaxed.

Over time if you do this at least once a day, you’ll find that you feel calmer, less emotional, and just generally better. Meditation is a good time to try out breathing techniques.

3. Don’t Be So Convenient

For some reason, people feel that they are too busy to cook a proper meal each day. This results in grabbing a quick meal on the way home from their local fast food place or they get frozen dinners that can be thrown in the oven or microwave when they get home. While these shortcuts may seem to save time, ultimately, both are very unhealthy choice to make.

Ready meals, processed food, and junk food are loaded with sugar, fat, salt and many more calories than our bodies need. Fast food also tends to be heavily processed and as it is often fried, the nutritional goodness for our bodies is practically non-existent.

Try to cut back on these unhealthy foods and instead cook from scratch.

4. Go For A Walk

You don’t need a gym.  Just take a step out of your front door. You can walk anywhere and this is completely free.

Involve the whole family and go for a walk around the block or to the park if there is one nearby.

You’ll be able to enjoy gentle exercise that will still give you a good cardio workout to keep your heart pumping. You will also be able to enjoy some fresh air, which is essential for the brain and muscles.

5. Drink More

We’re not suggesting that you go to the bar and get drunk – quite the opposite actually. You should really be drinking around 8 glasses of water per day and if you don’t do that and you suffer from headaches, then we’re willing to bet that you’re dehydrated and need some more liquid in your body.

Every time you go into your kitchen, try to remember to have a glass of water. Whether you’re making breakfast, lunch or dinner or if you’re just grabbing a snack, using this as a prompt to drink a glass of water is an effective way to remember to stay hydrated.

This will improve your overall health and can even have a positive effect on your appearance by improving the quality of your skin!

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